Tree of Savior – First Impressions

Hey guys!

Since Tree of Savior’s public release was bumped up to May 10th, I decided to buy their dlc packs so that I could start playing it anyways. I created a Swordsman and I’m planning on getting the hidden class, Shinobi, for my character. The criteria on how to get the class hasn’t been released just yet, but I’m definitely excited to give it a try once it does come out. Anyways, the game plays similarly to the other MMORPG games I have tried in the past. The game play is pretty much like a button masher game. You have basic attacks and special class skills you can use against monsters. You have character EXP and class EXP, which is pretty new for me. I haven’t seen this mechanic in the other games I tried playing.


The art is pretty nice and the monsters are adorable. Hehe. This is definitely a game I would play with my friends. In fact, once the game opens up for the public, they’ll be joining me as well. :D20160502172811_1

I do have some issues with the game, however, I feel like the tutorial is very long, and there’s a lot of content I have to “read” during it. Not sure if it’s my character or not, but I dislike how slow walking with my character is. It’s very painful to have to walk to one map to another with my character. I heard you can buy a companion and ride it around, but so far I haven’t gotten that chance yet. And I’m in level 15 already. Hmm. Currently, the game feels very linear and I’ve only been given story quests to do. I hope there’ll be more quests as I finish the major plot points the game wants me to do. Because of how linear the game feels, I don’t see a good reason for my friends and I to form a party, since many of the quests you have to be able to complete yourself.


Either than those issues, the game feels pretty neat so far and I look forward to playing more so I can see how much exploration I can get with this game.


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