April Wrap Up – 2016


Welp April passed and I gotta say, I didn’t do anything productive in terms of my hobbies this month. Basically this month was packed with final term projects and studying for finals that I couldn’t find the time to really dedicate for my hobbies. Not to mention that I had to plan 2 major events for my group of friends. We celebrated 4 birthdays this month. For the first pair of people, we went to Shakers for some go-karting fun. Unfortunately it rained on that day so we ended up playing laser tag and games in the arcade. Not bad if you ask me. The second pair of humans had a massive party at a friend’s mansion. We had karaoke, drinks, hot pot and bubble tea/smoothies. Planning for all events was extremely stressful and the second party required a lot of prep work. :C Luckily the others were able to help out with some of the tasks which was very nice of them. Go teamwork!


For reading goals, I did end up “finishing” off The Novice. By that I mean I basically dropped it. I didn’t like how it was written. It was very straightforward and the plot took forever to get interesting. Each chapter ended off poorly, either it was a cliff hanger, or it just stopped. Frankly, there was a lot of scenes where it was just a lull in development in terms of plot or characters. I didn’t even like how the characters spoke to one another. The dialogue felt very forced and needed more polishing up. Either than that, it was an interesting concept and it’s a shame that it failed to capture my interest.


That was a mini review for The Novice for you. As per my reviewing standards, I will not make a formal review on the novel because I didn’t actually finish the book. You are welcomed to give the book a try if you’re interested. I’m just a picky reader. Hehe.


Either than that, most of my free time for April consisted of playing League with friends, URF mode and Hexakill were the weekend events we played together, and planning for the parties. I guess job hunting and packing was a thing as well. I also started listening to Welcome to Nightvale with my bookclub. We agreed to go up to ep 20 and a lot of them decided to listen ahead. Which was fine, but it was very clear during the meeting that they were dropping spoilers like no tomorrow. I love the podcast myself, and will intend to catch up. I do have this terrible habit of multitasking while I’m listening to the podcast though.


My May goals will be to at least finish off Neverwhere, Knight’s Shadow, and The Lies of Locke Lamora. :D I do have to progress through FF8 with my friends as well. I’m going a group playthrough with two of my buddies and boy it’s very hard to play outside of my gaming habits. hahah. I play in binges. Oh! I plan on finishing up DR2 this month since I have more free time on my hands.


How was your April Wrap Up? Any plans/goals for May?


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