Stolen Songbird – Review

Stolen Songbird

Danielle L. Jensen

First POV – Jumps between characters, Fantasy, Trolls


Cécile de Troyes is a talented singer, just like her mother. She is given an opportunity to leave her small village and enter the city to join her mother on the stage, but along the way she is kidnapped to the underground city of trolls where she is expected to help them break their curse.

My rating: 3.5/5

Goodreads Rating: 2/5


This novel came to my attention when I discovered that the author was from my hometown. I never really came across a novel that focused solely on trolls, so I wanted to give it a try based on that reasoning. The author did a very good job describing all the different troll appearances the character had. The prince of trolls was described to be more handsome than the other trolls. This was a bit difficult for me to imagine since all I can imagine when I hear trolls is the troll from Harry Potter.

The plot overall was decent I guess. There were some scenes where the plot lulled, but either than that, it’s good novel. Did I like it? No I did not, but you guys can read that in the Goodreads review. I found that most of the characters were decently developed. It felt like the prince of trolls had more character traits than the main character. His character was very interesting and had a lot of mystery for me. His friends were quirky and added a great dynamic to the novel. Their characters could have been developed more, but they were perfect as supporting side characters, so no harm there.

Unfortunately, Cecile felt a bit flat to me. Her singing was what made her special and yet it is only referenced a few times in the novel. She loves singing, so I was expecting her to sing more in the underground city, but she didn’t. It was explained why she didn’t feel like singing that often, but still. Her singing was the only trait that set her apart from all the other first person narratives out there.

The romance between the prince and Cecile was another reason why I read the novel. This was one of the redeeming qualities of the novel. I felt like it was well-developed. It slowly built up and the romance trope is one of my favourite. Therefore, I could be a bit bias on it.

Overall, Stolen Songbird is a good novel, well written with a romance that is similar to Beauty and the Beast. If you’re ever in the mood for something new, give Stolen Songbird a try.


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