Fuyu Moments #3

How many times can I get scammed before I realize I have no common sense? Apparently, it’s a crap ton.

Ugh. Anyways, today I almost got roped into a pyramid scheme. I had an interview booked with the said “multi-level company” and for some reason I kept getting a bit stressed out over it. I thought it was just due to finals week stress but nope. I voiced my concerns with my friends and they all screamed at me telling me “NOOOOOO NOOOO not that company!” I have good friends. After doing my own further research and talking to them, I came to the decision that it was too sketchy and not worth wasting my precious study time to go to an interview.

Ahh. Gotta love fun moments like this. Anyways, this is the 2nd scam I fell for or almost fell for this year, which makes 3 scams in total that I have dealt with. You know what that means? It’s time for blog posts!! I’ll be making 3 individual blog posts addressing my experiences and my thoughts afterwards. :D I’ll be calling it Scam Week, so look for that in the near future. (Sometime after my finals are over)

Hope April is treating you guys well. Enjoy your day! And if you got finals going on like me, good luck on them. :D


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