Group Projects: Weird Teammates

Hey guys!

This term was filled with strange events and silly business, especially in my Networking class. I managed to find some remarkable human beings as group mates. I describe them to be remarkable because I never had much experience with those types of personalities. One of them was a long time friend that I meant through League. We never really saw each other often since he lived across the city. When I found out he was in the same class as me, I jumped at the chance to work with him.

Despite his cool, calm, and apathetic nature, he is very intelligent and hard working. He gets his part of the assignment done and that’s pretty awesome.

The other teammates I met through him were very interesting characters. Here’s some situations that I came across while working with them.

I’m diligently working on our assignment when I hear giggling beside me. I do my best to ignore whatever my other teammates are doing.

Teammate A(TA): Fuyu, look. Look at this.

Me: -nods while completely absorbed in my work- Uh huh.

Teammate B(TB): Nono. You’re not looking. Look!

Me: -sighs and turns towards them-

There was nothing I could have done to prepare me for this moment. I look at where TB was pointing at and they were lightly teasing TA’s left nipple. I could feel my eyes scream in horror from the sight. I needed eye bleach.

Me: … What is wrong with you guys?! -half sob- I don’t wanna see that.

TA: -singing- Are you sure?

Me: Yes. -turns back to the laptop and continues working-

I have really weird teammates. Or maybe this is how guys normally act? Not sure. Oh well.

There was another incident that I remember fairly clearly too.

We were getting together to finish up our assignment when one of my teammates noticed the time. They said, “4:20” and both teammates started making smoking noises frantically before stopping and saying “blaze it,”. Very odd moment… I had no idea how to react so I turned back to my work and ignored them.

Apart from all their play fighting and silly jokes, they were what made being in the class pretty memorable and enjoyable. I might sound like I dislike being around their weirdness when I share these stories with my friends, but it’s me being baffled at how their minds work. Haha.


Have you guys ever gotten interesting teammates like this? Also, do guys actually touch each other’s nipples for fun?



2 thoughts on “Group Projects: Weird Teammates

    • DrAwkto

      Haha yeah. It is. Very strange banter but I got used to it. :D I’m getting ramen with them on tuesday. I can’t wait. We waited all winter term for this date. And I’ll shank them if they don’t go :C Jk. I’m totally not violent like that. :D


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