Ahh! Too many hobbies? Naw.

Bah. Have you ever thought to yourself that you have way to many hobbies? Is there such thing as too many hobbies?

Sometimes, I feel like I’m drowning in the amount of hobbies I have. I want to do them all, but there’s only time to do a few of them. I won’t bother to list them all. Recently I’ve cut a few of my hobbies down, so that I could make more time for reading. I usually swap between gaming and reading. Haha, it’s humorous to see my friends tease me about my game backlog.

You have all these games you want to play. And what do you do instead? Read a book. I’m so done with you.- Ame

This was one of the quotes from my best friend. She was jokingly exasperated towards my gaming habits. There are a ton of games I have yet to play, but instead of playing them, I’ll go off to play games I have already played or start a new book. Haha. To be fair though, once I start playing a game seriously, I tend to finish it pretty quick. Danganronpa took me a month to get into, but once I pasted chapter 3, I basically spent a day or two to finish it off. Not bad. Same with Transistor and Bastion. It’s not like I don’t wish to tackle my game backlogs, it’s just that I’ll get too hooked and nothing will get done. Or so I say.

I do find books are easier to put down then games. That’s all I got for rambles today. I used to dislike¬†talking about my passion for gaming cause people tend to get hostile over it. At least that’s what happened to me in the past. Now I just don’t care. LOL

What are your hobbies like? And do you have trouble balancing them with your life?



10 thoughts on “Ahh! Too many hobbies? Naw.

    • DrAwkto

      Procrastination is on my part as well. Haha this month I procrastinated on reading and picked up my gaming hobby instead.

      Procrastination is such a terrible habit to have. I need to start breaking mine. Then again, I procrastinate and do pull 85% effort for homework. I do my homework early and it still 85% effort. In my mind procrastination makes sense. I get my reward early, or sometimes I just need some cool down time. Haha.

      This month was terrible in terms of work load. :c i should get into Netflix more. All I watch is stand up comedy on Netflix.

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      • A Stranger's Guide to Novels

        That is seriously true for me as well! I don’t really care enough Fr homework at the start so I doubt that me doing it as soon as I get it or the day before is going to change that.
        I like Netflix but it just takes too much time to watch shows, especially when I want to binge watch a certain one.


  1. rakioddbooks

    This sort of reminded of when I was young and I HATED sleep, because it took up too much time and there were too many things I wanted to do. Also, I always felt like I was running out of time. Now, I’m just lazy and reading, youtube, and movies are my hobbies. I say do all the hobbies! Do them all while you can!

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    • DrAwkto

      Agreed. Once we get older we’ll have more responsibilities to keep us busy. Our hobbies will have to take a toll in order for us to fulfill them. I know a few older friends who can’t afford to do their hobbies because work and family life get in the way.

      Guess it’s a part of growing up. I would have to say sleep is good though. I wish I could get more sleep. I used to love sleep when I was little. Always got my 9 hours a day. It made me such a happy child and I was always ready to learn since I was so well rested.

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  2. dreamingthroughliterature

    I’m the exact same way! I love gaming and I love books and it’s so hard to balance my time between them. I too have so many games I NEED to play, but there are also so many books I NEED to read. It’s such a struggle. Haha, love your post!

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      • dreamingthroughliterature

        I’m working through The Last of Us right now, but I’m currently stuck, so I’ve been avoiding it a bit (haha) (PS3). I’m also going to start a Walking Dead game shortly (PS3). I’m also working through a Wii Star Wars game. I also dug out my Nintendo 64 a few weeks ago and have been playing old Mario games :P I’m really bad at just playing one game, but they’re so easy to get lost in for hours once I choose which one to start! (Oh, I also came across an old PS2 Resident Evil game for cheap, so I have that one started too!) What games are you playing?

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        • DrAwkto

          I’ve been playing stardew valley, dangan ronpa 2, 999, and monster monpiece for the time being.
          I was working on fallout 4, but I out that on hold while uni started haha. Betasoft games have a way of making me not wanna do anything. They’re good summer games though.

          I loved the plot for the last of us. I’m not a horror game player. So I’ll watch let’s plays of it. Ahh ps2, I want one. Haha i miss playing spyro on my friends ps 1. Do you have Mario 64 the one with the paintings and sunshine Mario?

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          • dreamingthroughliterature

            Betasoft games definitely suck you right in and become super time consuming haha. I wish I still had a ps1, but I used to use my brother’s and he gave it away when I was still pretty young. (unfortunately!) I do have the Mario 64 with the paintings. I pull it out every now and then and spend a few weeks replaying the game :P I don’t have sunshine mario, though.

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