Slime Rancher

Main Title

Slime Rancher is a game where you collect slimes to feed and make money off of their poo. It’s one of the cutest games I have ever played. Slime Rancher is like a cure for a bad mood. It’s hard to stay grumpy while playing this game. It was designed for someone like me. See slimes, collect slimes, feed slimes. Haha. Best game ever. Well not really. It does have a lot of potential.

The slimes make the cutest little noises and they’re very mischievous. I remember one time I turned my back on them and they tried to escape the cage I made for them. It’s a sad life for Fuyu the Rancher. There’s not much of  tutorial for this game yet because it’s in easy access, but I totally had fun playing it. The slimes were escaping because I forgot to feed them and they were fed up with my neglect. :C

Look at them trying to escape! Gah, what silly slimes. Get back in the cage!
Look at them trying to escape! Gah, what silly slimes. Get back in the cage!

I play the game pretty carefully. I once created a Tarr outbreak. The Tarr are these scary evil slimes that will eat everything in its path. When it gets large enough it’ll split off into another Tarr and chaos ensures. They’re pretty hard to get rid of. You need to flush them with water, or just dump their butts in the sea. I just suck them up and throw them into the sea as quickly as I can. If I do it too slowly, they’ll attack me for 20 damage. :C

After a good few hours, I learnt that I had played all of the content that was available for me. I even got access to the forest area where the Honey Slimes are. Hehe those guys are cute as well. My favourite slimes are the puddle slimes. They just sit, well swim, in a puddle of water and poo. That’s it. It’s adorable. Okay, I realize how crazy I sound talking about this game, but seriously. It’s pretty great. Would I say it’s worth $20 right now?

No. It has about 2-5 hours of content, from my experiences with patch 2.4. The devs could have added more with the recent patches, but I’ll wait before playing some more. If you’re going to play it, I recommend turning down the mouse sensitivity. It’s in the options. For some reason the sensitivity for this game was extremely high and I ended up getting motion sick from it a few times. I would keep my eye on this game though, if the price stays at $20 after release I would say it’s well spent money.


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