February Book Haul – 2016

It’s time for another book haul write up! I bet you’re wondering which books I’ve bought right? Well, here’s a hint, they are new releases for the month of February.  Now if you follow my instagram you definitely know which books I’m talking about, and if you don’t that’s alright too because I’ll be talking about it now during this post.

I was wandering the mall after watching Hail Caesar and noticed that Chapters was having promo. Not just any promo. The elusive 10x bonus plum rewards promo. I’ve been waiting for this promo since the last time it was hosted, which was in November 2015 I believe. I love stacking my book purchases with the promo; it helps me rack up the awesome points. Without a doubt A Gathering of Shadows was the first novel I had to get. I was lucky too since it was just released! Afterwards I was debating on whether I should get Uprooted or Morning Star. I ended up deciding on Morning Star so I could read it faster.

The only reason I wanted to get Uprooted was to have it on my shelf and to lend it to my friends. Haha. That’s how I can get them to read my recommendations by forcing the book in their hands. :D Here’s some photos of my books. I included one that isn’t going to be posted on instagram. A little treat for you guys.


Morning Star

Did you guys get any novels this month?


9 thoughts on “February Book Haul – 2016

      • inkystars

        I kind of stopped playing (or buying new cards) around the time the set kind of like the Greek Gods were going to come out? Theros, or something like that. Most of my cards are from Gatecrash and that whole Return to Ravnica cycle, I think. :)

        Liked by 1 person

        • DrAwkto

          Oh yeah that’s the theros block. I started halfway in the khans block. I started with fate reforged. Haha. I don’t like the origins pack that came out last year. It was okay.

          And haha magic saps the wallet. I’m sure your bank account appreciates you not playing magic anymore.


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