February Wrap Up – 2016

Alright, what’s the wrap up for this month? This wrap up isn’t as good as January. I wasn’t able to complete a novel from my #rockmytbr challenge. I was able to finish off some books from my goodreads tbr list. I know it doesn’t count, but it’s still some sort of reading.

Note: Any books I have dropped will not be reviewed on my blog. I feel like it’s unfair to make a semi-objective review based on what I have read. I’ll be linking my goodreads subjective reviews to any novels I dropped.

Books I was able to read this month
Nexis - Finished
The Winner's Curse - Dropped
A Wicked Thing - Dropped
The Wrath and The Dawn - Finished - Review next month
Love Letters to the Dead - Dropped

Reading week was pretty fun and relaxing. I was able to progress through my current novel for the Uni book club I’m in. It also gave me time to work on my blog some more, which is always a nice time for me.


Onwards to some non-book related topics. This month I tried creating mushroom risotto with some friends. I think it turned out pretty well. (look forward to the post next month) Our next cooking challenge will be either mac and cheese filled burgers, or curry chicken. I’ve subscribed to r/gifrecipes, so I’m able to find some pretty cool recipes that only take a few moments to learn. And all of the visual components are there so it’s not like I’ll be confused on how Step X is supposed to look like. I always found that a problem with written recipes. Speaking of cooking, I discovered a new Youtube Channel from a friend. They are a japanese couple that create vegan recipes. It’s super fun to watch and learn more food options to make for mom. :D


Here's a sneak peek of the food. :D
Here’s a sneak peek of the mushroom risotto. :D Doesn’t look the best because we decided to mix everything together, but it’s not bad.


Now for my gaming wrap up, I have progressed in 999! Yeah! :D and I’ll be progressing more through the next month. My goal is to eventually finish it in a timely manner. I’ve been known to take a full year to finish certain games. Sometimes even longer. Haha. However, I’m excited to play Fire Emblem, so I’m motivated to finish off 999 so I can at least start FE:Birthright. I’m going in completely blind, so if you have any questions on who I want to end up with, or stuff about X and Y I wouldn’t know the answer to it. Sorry. ><” On the other note, I’m still hooked on building tiny houses in Sims 4. I decided to try building a larger building afterwards and it felt odd. Abnormal. I didn’t know what to fill the empty space with! I’m sure that feeling will go away eventually right?


I’m excited for the Oscars on Sunday! :D I got some movies and actors I’m watching out for. Haha it’s a shame that none of my friends will be watching with me. What about you guys? Will you guys be watching the Oscars?


Tons to say for this month. Most likely because I had Reading Week in between. I also got a custom url for this blog. It’s a simple redirect for now. I haven’t decided whether or not I wanted to link that url with this blog yet. There’s no rush, I can decide in the near future. How was your February? What things did you get to do?




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