Sims 4 – Tiny Houses

Lately, I’ve been really fascinated with tiny houses. I always liked looking at the space efficient apartments in Tokyo, Japan. And with the power of Youtube, I was able to discover some really cool apartments that transform their spaces into multiple different living areas, such as a bedroom, office area, living area, and dining area. It’s pretty cool. From there, I was able to discover tiny homes usually made out of recycled materials and are self-sustainable.

I was browsing through youtube for more Tiny Home videos, when I saw a Let’s Build of a tiny house in Sims 4. I decided to give it a watch, and wow it was everything I expected it to be. It inspired me to make my own tiny houses in the game. Eventually, I’ll get better at taking screenshots in Sims 4. I use the in game camera. Here’s a gallery of houses I built so far.

Circle House

5×5 kinda. The angles combine together to make it a 5×5, but most of the usable space is 4×4.

2 Floored 6×6 House

Basically what the title said. This was the first house I ever created. The second floor added a lot more room and allowed me more freedom to play around with it. I learnt how to place objects outside of the grid as well, so you can see me abusing this power with the lights.

I’m still learning how to build really nice houses, so if you guys got comments on how I can improve on them, I would love to hear them. :D Also it’s my goal to learn how to build roofs. One day, I’ll have an actual rooftop that makes me proud!



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