The temptation!!

Ahh! I finally got my copy of Majora’s Mask game back as well as Birthright! Oh why did I have midterms this week? I had Majora’s Mask for a year, but I lent it out to a friend for a year and they haven’t even touched it yet. Haha I thought it was high time to ask for it back. Sure, I probably won’t play it, but at least I got it with me for inventory. I have to do a record of things I own in the near future. Have you guys done this? I have one for my manga because I buy manga in very odd order.

Also is anyone else playing Birthright or Conquest? What do you guys think of it? Did the localization disappoint you? I hear a lot of my friends complaining about the localization choices.


Overall, I’m not sure if I’ll be playing it yet, I do have to finish 999 before proceeding with other games. Oh my poor game backlog. It’s worse then books. :c I think the last game I remember finishing off completely was Transistor and that was early December 2015. I have too many hobbies and not enough time to dedicate to each of them. Oh well.



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