UGH Backpacks

It’s finally that time of my school life where I must switch to a new bag. Not because the style is old and worn, but because the bottom of the bag is tearing. It’s on its last limbs and I’ve been desperately trying to find a backpack to replace it. My current fear is that the bottom of the bag will give way and everything will fall to the dirty ground as I’m commuting home. Where does everyone get their backpacks from? I tried MEC, Sport-chek, The Bay, Bentley’s, and Sears. Is there some magical store where people pull backpacks from?

Maybe I’m being too picky with my backpacks. I’ve been trying to just find another copy of my current backpack because I love it so much, however, I can’t find it anywhere! Bleh. :C



9 thoughts on “UGH Backpacks

      • rakioddbooks

        A long time, I kinda just got new ones because I wanted a new one. If I remember correctly, the last one I got lasted me through college so 3~4 years? And I still have it! I just don’t need it anymore.


          • rakioddbooks

            Backpacks are so useful! I love backpacks. Are you the type to carry backpacks when you go out or do you carry purses or other stuff? I hate carrying things in my hands or and one shoulder straps so backpacks are perfect for me. I use “prettier”/ not so much for school ones when I go out and for work :P Yay backpacks!

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          • DrAwkto

            Yeah I am the type of person to carry a smaller shoulder sling backpack with me.I got it from MEC. I used it when I traveled to the states and it just grew on me.

            It’s super easy to grab things from it. :D And I always felt like my belongings were secure enough, which is helpful during a crowded tourist place.

            However, I’ll bring a smaller purse if I have no intentions of bringing a book with me. That or if I’m just too lazy to carry a backpack. The purse carries keys and a downsized version of my wallet.

            In the end, it really just depends on the style I’m going with. :D backpacks for life though. I wouldn’t’ imagine life without them. They’re too handy. Shame they don’t work well with formal dress attire.

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