Danganronpa On Steam!

Ahh! Ready for incoherent ramblings? Yeah? Well let’s get started.

Danganronpa  was released yesterday. I found out this morning when I logged on. Even though I played this on the psp, I’m still excited that it’s on steam now. :D Most likely because of trading cards and achievements. I’m tempted to get the limited edition of the game because they are throwing in the soundtrack with the bundle. The music for this game is great. I really like listening to it. The soundtrack for the second game is pretty amazing as well. :P But we can come to that in a later post.

So I took a look at the trailer and I didn’t like the voice acting. Then again, I only played danganronpa with the original voice acting, so I never heard the English voice acting until now. Hopefully, they kept the ability to play with the Japanese voices, rather than the English ones. I do not recommend watching the steam trailer for this game. I felt like it gave away some spoilers about the game. Haha. I warned you if you decide to watch it.

For those of you who don’t know what Danganronpa is, it’s a visual novel with a very dark plotline. There’s an anime adaption to it, however, I prefer the game more.

Anyways, the story revolves around 16 elite students who are stuck inside a school, and they must get away with murdering another student in order to achieve freedom. Every time a student is murdered, a trial is held to find the true killer. If the killer is able to stay hidden during the trial, then they are allowed to escape the school, however, the other students must die because they failed to catch the true killer. If the killer is found out during the trial, then they will be sentenced to death.

Bah, hopefully with the release of Danganronpa on steam, I’ll be able to find more people who enjoyed the game, so I can talk to them about it. :D That’s all my crazy rambles for now. Catch you guys in the next one~


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