Ep 3: Sweetrolls – Ft Friends

Hey guys!

It’s time for another segment of Cooking with Chef Fuyu. This time me and my friends attempt to make sweetrolls, a pastry from the Elder Scrolls universe. We used a recipe we found on tumblr to make this. Stuff about this recipe made us question the legitimacy of it, however, we decided to give it a shot anyways. I mean, surely lots of other things cook at 500F right? Right? Haha…

Unfortunately, we didn’t have access to Harry when we started this recipe, so we were just blindly following the recipe without really thinking it through. We bought all the ingredients necessary for the recipe and mixed it all together. Red noticed how watery the batter was and started to question it. Would it actually work? There wasn’t any sugar at all to the bun base. All the sugar was in the icing. So far our suspicions are elevated.

This battery was like soup. Super watery.
This battery was like soup. Super watery.

We preheated the oven to 500F, as per instructions. After the oven was ready, we shoved in the tray inside the oven. The recipe stated we needed to keep the middle empty. A few minutes after we placed it in the oven, Harry came to us asking why we didn’t fill the middle. He gave us a funny look when we told him that’s what the recipe insisted, but he said he’ll add water to the center molds because the tray would ruined if he didn’t. Who knew trays could get ruined like that? Well I guess it makes sense, since we are able to ruined perfectly good pots when we place them on the stove without anything inside.

Once the oven timer was done, we checked out the buns and laughed. They were incredibly burnt. Haha. We followed the recipe to a tee though! I guess that’s what happens when you follow random tumblr recipes without consulting a professional chef. I decided to give the buns a taste anyways, the shell was burnt beyond belief so that tasted like sadness. The inside was still pretty fluffy and looked like it would be good. I tasted it and it was even more sadness. It tasted bad, similar to a soggy dinner roll. Makes sense, since the only ingredients for the batter was milk, flour, eggs, salt, and butter… I have no idea what I was expecting when I tasted it.

It was indeed a waste of ingredients. At least we had a good laugh at it and it made for a good story. That’s the last time we follow a recipe from tumblr… :D



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