Nexis – Review


A.L Davroe

First POV,  First in a series, Virtual Reality

Short Summary

Ella was born a Natural. She never had an operation to fix up her appearance, making her a rare person in a society obsessed with modifying their appearances. Her life changes drastically when her father and her are involved in a terrible freak crash. Upset with the results from the crash, she drowns her sorrows in Nexis, a virtual reality game that her father created.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5

Goodreads Rating: 2 / 5


This novel was pretty decent. It did have a very slow start. There’s not much complaints on the writing style. It felt very typical. Since Nexis had a huge focus on virtual reality, I was hoping there would be more adventure and excitement with the novel. Especially since the summary said it was a virtual reality game. Therefore, I’m expecting experience points, quests, monsters, dungeons, etc. However, I do realize there are many different games, therefore, Nexis does not have to cater to my expectations of what a game is.

I think there could have been better world building in regards to Nexis. Nexis sounded like it would be a virtual reality world that had aspects that is similar to MMORPG games. That wasn’t the case. Nexis felt like one of those social virtual reality worlds for teens that were popular in the early 2000’s. There’s nothing wrong with that, it wasn’t what I was expecting that’s all. The author did a good job building the city of Evanescence and describing how the people function in the city. It was interesting to hear about all the different modifications that people did to themselves.


Moving on to the characters, the main character bothered me to no end. For the first 30 or so pages all she cared about was appearances. Of course, she was just a normal teenager living in a society that focused heavily on appearances, but it still bothered me. The author did a great job showcasing the main character’s outwardly desires. I did have one character that interested me and that was Guster. I wanted to know who he was in real life. That was the only thing that carried me throughout the novel.


I didn’t care for the pacing of the novel. I felt like it was too slow and I lost interest during the middle of the novel. I skimmed about 3 chapters to get to a scene that interested me more. I did like the ending. It was intriguing to see how everything unfolded.


Overall, the novel is pretty decent, I didn’t like it for varies of reasons. Others have read this novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re interested in a dystopian novel that has a theme of virtual reality try giving Nexis a read.


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