Lord of the Rings – First Viewing

Lord of the Rings! Such a good movie. Where have I been my entire lifetime?

I’m one of those rare humans that have never seen Lord of the Rings before. Haha. You would think I have because it seems like my type of movie, but nope. I saw it last weekend with a friend of mine, who was extremely shocked I have never seen it before. Especially since I’m a passionate dnd player and have a love for fantasy. Heck, I even used Lord of the Rings as an example for a Human Computer Interactions project. I drew Gollum holding the ring. It was pretty funny looking.

I love the world and how beautifully lush some of the places are in Lord of the Rings. Also, Legolas and Aragorn. Yup. I totally understand why there is a huge fan base for them now. Haha, I think I gushed on how I thought Aragorn was so cool for a few times during the movies. When Boromir first appeared, I realized he looked familiar. I didn’t connect the dots until someone told me he was Ned Stark. Everything made sense from that moment on. Actually I still have no idea what his name is. (I googled it for the sake of this post) I just refer to him as Ned Stark when I was talking to my friend. Haha. ><

After finishing up the movie, I desperately wanted to see the next two. I wanted more from the first movie’s ending, but I guess that’s why it’s a trilogy right? Unfortunately, we couldn’t watch the other movies due to the lack of time, but we plan on seeing Two Towers next weekend. Woot woot. Look out for possible reaction posts.


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