The Girl With All The Gifts – Review

The Girl With All the Gifts

M.R Carey

Third POV – Jumps between characters,  Standalone, Thriller


Every morning, Melanie waits to be taken to class. She tried to joke with the soldiers who strap her inside her wheelchair. “I won’t bite,” she says. But the soldiers don’t laugh.

My rating: 4/5

Goodreads Rating: 5/5


I thought this novel was good.  It’s not above average or anything of course, which is why it doesn’t get a 5/5, but I loved it. I actually didn’t know it was a zombie novel when I picked it up. After reading a few pages, I was pretty hooked. The novel for me had a great start, however, near the end it started drag on and became less exciting. I wish the plot was a bit more developed. I felt like the cause of the zombies were not fully explored. It was a unique take on how they became zombies, but there wasn’t any further details besides that. Also, I found it confusing every time the origins of the zombie plague was discussed in the novel.


I loved reading the chapters that were from Melanie’s perspective, it was clear that she had more heart and soul than all of the other human characters. I felt like the childish voice of Melanie was captured very well and she was the reason I kept reading further, however, as the novel progressed the voice of Melanie went from childish to mature. I guess it makes sense due to the events occurring in the novel, but it would have been nice if the voice was consistent throughout the novel. The other characters were pretty interesting as well except they weren’t explored fully. The doctor annoyed the hell out of me. I was always very angry every time she talked. It’s a shame that I completely understand the reasons why she does things.


Overall, this novel was a pretty good read. I enjoyed every bit of it, even during the parts that I felt like they were drawn out. The writing is fluid and is easy to read which makes it a good book to consume all in one sitting. I liked the ending of the novel. It’s something that definitely isn’t seen often, so I was pretty pleased that it ended off that way.


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