Bah! Book Review Updates

Hey guys,

Wow another update again? Yeah. Pretty boring, so you can feel free to skip it.

I decided to change up how I do book reviews. I updated my book review page. Instead of having the review state whether I liked the novel or not twice, I decided to rate the book based on if I thought it was well executed. Just because I think a book is very good and well written, doesn’t mean I have to like it. And I think it’ll be best if I made a clear distinction in my book reviews. Anyways, all of my posted up book reviews has been updated to reflect the changes. All future updates will be follow this style of reviewing. Haha, hopefully this works out for me and I don’t end up changing it up again.

Also you may note that a 5 stars is not actually a masterpiece, but it’s considered above average, why is that? Well because my review policy is still based on my opinion. It’s based on whether I thought the characters were great, the plot was good, and the writing style was lovely. In my mind, I don’t think I qualify to actually tell you what is a masterpiece or not. There are very few books that should be considered masterpieces and generic novel X, that is above average, shouldn’t be considered a masterpiece even if I rate it 5 stars. If that makes sense.

I’m very sleepy. I’m most likely going to look back on this and wonder why this post makes no sense. Anyways, I think that’s all for my blog updates.

Enjoy your time here at The Inky Awkto. :D



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