Bah! Socks!

Fuyu’s socks are falling down
Falling down
Fuyu’s socks are falling down
Her poor feeties

My socks are always falling down. It’s very saddening when I’m walking around and BAM! Socks fell down! At that point I ask myself a few questions: do I take off my shoe to put it back on? Is that considered inappropriate? Or do I rough it out and let the socks bundle up and step on them? More often then naught, I usually take off my shoes to place my socks back on. ; ; And yes I do get stares, but I’m not going to head to the washroom every 10 mins that my socks are falling down.

Solution? Don’t wear those socks again with the shoes that caused the falling socks pandemic.

Do you guys ever find yourself in a similar situation where something has happened, but you’re not sure what to do?



One thought on “Bah! Socks!

  1. rakioddbooks

    Socks often cause me trouble, and it’s always when I have to be out all day! They really hurt but taking my shoes off and fixing it is often even more inconvenient so I just tough it out until I can get to a bathroom, unless, if it’s unbearable I try to find a place to sit and fix it. Awful, just awful.

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