Womp Womp! Expanding Game Collection ; ;

And my never-ending list of games keep growing. Gah, this round of playstation sales is very good. Tons of great games are being held on sale this round. With the help of /r/vita and some friends I was able to decide on which games I would want to start playing. I picked up Chrono Trigger ($3 with plus), Final Fantasy Tactics ($3 with plus), and Tearaway($8 with plus).


I’m super excited to play all of these games. There’s a demo of Tearaway, if you aren’t sure about whether to pick it up or not. I played the demo before in a EB Games with a friend, we got a kick of the game using the front camera. It was a funny surprise. Anyways, I liked the unique art style of the game as well as the gameplay mechanics. Tearaway is one of those rare games that utilizes all of the vita’s features: back camera, front camera, accelerometer, back and front touch pads, and of course, the buttons.


Some other great games worth mentioning from the sale are Suikoden, Dangan Ronpa 1 and 2, Freedom Wars, Persona 4 Golden… Actually almost all the games on sale are worth playing and mentioning. For some reason, the playstation website doesn’t show the entire list of games that are on sale. The reddit post has a complete list and you can also just open up your Vita to check out the deals as well. Oh! If you haven’t cashed in on your ps plus trial, this sale would be a good reason to activate it. The savings are much better with ps plus for this sale, such as Danganronpa is $16 rather than the $20 that it’s originally sold for. That and I totally recommend playing the danganronpa series. The plot and characters get to me so much. <3 Lots of love for that series.


I was interested in Parasite Eve being on sale as well, however, I tried reading the novel in the past and I couldn’t stomach the idea of it. Haha, I’m too wimpy for Parasite Eve. I did hear great things about the game from some Let’s Play Youtubers.


If you have checked out the sale, did you buy anything? If so, which games did you pick up?


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