Blah, Boring Blog Updates 0

Haha, so I re-vamped The Inky Awkto. You guys can skip this if you dont’ wanna read about the boring blog updates I made. It’s just for archival purposes.


Anyways, The Inky Awkto is now it less default looking than before. Yay! I chose a wood background because I wanted to play on the joke that The Inky Awkto is like a tavern. Wood is usually what I think of a tavern. What about you? What do you think of when you heard the word Tavern? The primary colour of the blog has been changed. The orange is replaced with a nice blue because it paired well with the background. Also I put up a contact page called Talk to the Tavern Keeper. That’s what you guys can use if you ever wanted to contact me for anything of the sorts.


I changed up how each book review was being laid out. The headings were too large for me, so I shrunk them down a notch. Since each review contains a goodreads rating and my own rating, each rating will have a link to their respective locations. My own rating will link up to my Review Policy page explaining how I review things. Also, I should note that I don’t often make goodreads reviews. When I do make the reviews, it’s mostly the initial comments and thoughts of the book. You are able to see my reading progress through the novel and my reactions to each update. Most often my blog review will be different from my goodreads review as well. So there’s a reason why you would want to visit my goodreads profile.


That’s all the changes I have made so far. If you got any questions or comments regarding the changes feel free to write up a comment down below.


Until next time!

DrAwkto, signing off. Bloop.


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