Assassination Classroom


A week ago, I picked up physical volumes of Assassination Classroom and I loved every bit of it. The comedy is great and makes me laugh like a fool on the transit. Koro sensei is just too silly! Anyways, for the past three days I was too impatient to wait for the physical volumes, so I started reading them online. I managed to finish 150 chapters in a few days. Now I’m stuck waiting like the rest of my friends who read the manga. D:

Oh the suffering. I hope the next one comes out soon. :C

I guess if I really wanted to, I could watch the anime. I heard the second season came out today, or recently. So that’s something to occupy my time as I wait for the next chapter.

Are you guys reading Assassination Classroom? What do you guys think of it?



8 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom

  1. rakioddbooks

    Yes! I love Assassination Classroom! I didn’t like the first volume very much. I thought it was too repetitive. But I absolutely loved volume 2 and the volumes after. I’ve only read up to volume 5. I want to own the series and I’m on a book buying ban so…. yeah. But yeah! I love this manga!

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  2. Jen

    oooh! Mangas! I haven’t heard of this one but I’ll be sure to check this out real soon! Are there any that you really like that you will highly recommend people to go check it out? I like reading mangas but none of my friends are really into them.

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    • DrAwkto

      Hmm it depends on what your friends like. It’s been a while since I read manga. For comedy I would say assassination classroom is a good pick. Oh and special a is adorable. It’s funny and cute. Ouran high school host club is nice too. Haha if you can kinda tell me what genres they like I can hopefully give a better list.

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      • Jen

        It’s for me actually. Hahaha.. I’ve read Ouran High Host Club, but I can’t remember if I finished it… Maybe I should read it again. Hmm.. I’m okay w romance but not really into romance as the main genre. As long as it’s not overly long like Naruto — which I gave up — I guess I’m open to anything. I’ve read Fruit Basket, FMA, Fairy Tail, Absolute Boyfriend and Death Note. Really short list isn’t it? And of course Detective Conan – can’t really let it go..

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        • DrAwkto

          Haha detective Conan is great! No judgement there. Ooh okay special a is great cause it’s funny but it takes the same turn as ouran high school and becomes kinda romance like.

          There’s this voice academy manga from the same artist I think and it’s pretty funny too. Oh! Try Nora. It’s shounen I didn’t finish it cause I was collecting the physical but it’s pretty good.

          Black cat was one of my favourites as well. You might like that also.

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