The Dragon’s Loyalty Award



  1. Display the award on your blog
  2. Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who awarded you
  3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded
  5. Write seven interesting things about you.

Ooh, another award! Thank you Jen at My Bookie Journey for nominating me.

Here are the people I’m tagging. These are people that either I follow or I thought their posts were cool and wanted to get to know them better. Check out their blog for cool book reviews and interesting answers on book tags.

Sam @ RiverMoose – Reads

Raquel @ Rakioddbooks

Marie @ drizzle and hurricane 

Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger


Emily @ BooknerdEmily

It’s up to you guys if you guys wanna do this tag or not.


Seven Facts About Me

Whether they are interesting or not, that’s up to you.

  1. It doesn’t seem like it, but I’m a university student studying computer science with a concentration of human computer interactions. 
  2. I have such a tough time making friends. I sometimes go home and roll around bed all embarrassed because I messed up on something during the day. 
  3. I sleep in a double bed, however, I only have about a third of the space to sleep on because of the amount of stuffed animals I have. Sometimes I shove the animals over and have a half of my bed to myself. Either than that, I share most of my bed with my stuffies. Not to mention, I have two full bags of stuffies in my basement that I still haven’t unpacked from my move. D: 
  4. I’m terrible with deadlines especially with library book due dates. The amount of late fees I paid to the library is embarrassing. Haha. I would like to consider those late fines as “donations”. Speaking of which, I should check to see if my books are overdue again. ; ; Oh it’s sad day. I just checked. Yes a book was overdue. I gotta fix that habit of mine. 
  5. My music library is pretty large. I absorb music from my friends like a sponge, which means I have a variety of music. My favourite genre would be classic and rock. I also have a lot of different game soundtracks that I enjoy listening to. Currently Transistor is my favourite. And the Elder Scrolls OST is always a go to classic to me. 
  6. I make silly sounds on a daily basis? Things like bloop, merrrooop, and roaring are sounds that come out of my mouth. Man, I’m running out of interesting things to say. 
  7. I enjoy writing letters to my friends, and I enjoy sealing the letters with wax afterwards. I don’t have any photos of wax sealed letters, but when I do, I’ll update this post with them. 


Woot. Those are seven “interesting” facts about me. Hopefully you enjoyed reading them and if you were tagged in this, I hope you enjoy doing the tag as much as I did. Thanks again to Jen for tagging me. She has a pretty interesting blog, so please check it out when you have time. Actually everyone I linked above has pretty interesting blogs, so check them out. :D

Until next time—

Dr Awkto signing out…


2 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Jen

    I sleep on double bed too! Since I don’t have much stuffies, I tend to roll around a lot (and end up on the floor once in a blue moon hahaha).

    I also makes lots of weird noises, sort of like background music or sound effects. I only does that around my family members though.

    It’s interesting to read about you. Hope to see your wax sealed letter soon. :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • DrAwkto

      Haha thank you. That is very nice of you to say so. It sounds like you are equally as interesting. Yay! Found another person that makes strange noises! Woot.

      Eventually it’ll grow into making noises in public! :O dun dun dun.

      Liked by 1 person

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