People Interactions

Gah. Man do you ever get those moments where you dislike how you interact with others?

I’m having one of those moments where I hate myself for being how I am. When I talk to people I’m pretty high energy, so this carries over via text. And because it’s words in a screen I can’t tell if someone is annoyed at how I’m talking to them. Should I be more formal? More friendly? Should I be talking less? Should I stop telling them random stories about myself?

I have no idea.  I go through life trusting that friends will tell me when I’m being annoying or not. But with new friends or coworkers that’s an entirely different situation because they don’t know how to react.

Therefore I end up with messages that never get replied too. There are tons of reasons for this. And I thought of them all. Point is I’m tired of never knowing how to interact with someone. Why can the world be like Sims? Where I can see the relationship points increase or decrease based on my actions or their actions.

Simu life is best life.

Haha.. What do you think? Do you have issues interacting others? Do you have tips on how I can deal with these concerns?


6 thoughts on “People Interactions

  1. rakioddbooks

    I like to share about myself with friends, but I often wonder if I come out as self-centered. In my mind, I just want them to know me better so that in return perhaps they will share more about themselves with me. But I feel like sometimes I’m just being annoying and they’re too nice to point it out. So I try to keep things to myself but then I worry that perhaps I’m being too distant. Yeah, I don’t know. In terms of interacting with strangers, well I’m pretty shy and even when I’m not feeling shy I think I just give off that sort of “aww she’s so shy” type of feeling even though there I am feeling all confident. This is fine in social situations but it could be a problem when at work. I want to give employers the confidence that they can trust me with the job. *sigh*
    I’m sorry I don’t have any tips. This next bit might be a bit irrelevant but here it goes… One thing I did do to over come my shyness, well at least to not let it overcome me, is that I observed people. Not in a creepy way! I figured since I didn’t know how to “properly” interact with people then I should learn from someone who did. One thing I learned was that it was easier for me to overcome my shyness by owning it. By joking about it, it wasn’t awkward anymore.

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    • DrAwkto

      Right? My goodness, you are explaining everything that is going on with me. I’m too scared to share too much, and I’m too scared people are being too nice and polite about it. And I’m too worried about being distant. We’re totally in the same boat.

      I agree, I want to show others that I’m confident on who I am, and that I’m capable of interacting with others without wanting to cry afterwards for screwing up on something small.

      Hmm I’ll try that out. Haha if I joke around about my awkwardness maybe it won’t be so bad afterwards. :D

      Thanks, also just hearing someone else’s thoughts and opinions on this really helped. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to this topic. <3

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  2. Jen

    I have problems with texting more than talking in real life. For one thing, I don’t use smiley much and a lot of the time I wonder if my tone came out right in the text. In real life, at least people know what tone I’m using… not that it is any easier…

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    • DrAwkto

      Oh yes! I hate tones in text. Gah, I’m an abuser of smileys cause it helps get the idea that I’m happy while saying this. I’ll add in like script like descriptions to my texts with friends, to help them visualize how I’m saying things. It’s usually to make an impact.

      hohoho. -hands are placed on my hips-

      Like that. It’s a bit wordy but meh.

      I’m not good with tones in real life either. I can’t tell if people are annoyed, tired, stressed out, or pissed off at me. Or just at something that happened along their day.

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