Blue Vita~

Last week, I managed to pick up a ps vita for myself. Now, if you’re a frequent visitor on my blog you might be wondering how I was playing Code Realize without a vita. I happen to borrow a friend’s vita to play. Haha. It was pretty nice of them to lend it to me for a bit. They also lent me a bunch of games for me to play and try out. I’m currently playing Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and I bought Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk yesterday. I put Code Realize on hold because I wasn’t able to transfer my save from the other vita to my new one. ; ; Which means I have to start over again! Its alright thought, I’ll get to refresh my memory on the events that led up to my current save point. Right? Haha. I’ll probably pick up Code Realize after I finish Danganronpa 2.

I have a Len dust plug for the headphone jack. On the right, those are the games I'll be playing/starting.
I have a Len dust plug for the headphone jack. On the right, those are the games I’ll be playing/starting.

At first I wasn’t a big fan for the blue vita, but since I was already at Eb games, I thought I might as pick it up. I thought it was on sale for 170 the day I went to pick it up, but I found out that sale doesn’t start until Boxing Day. Haha, I justified getting the device at full price because there’s no way I want to wait in line with a bunch of people all surrounding me just to save 30 dollars. It was a good idea to  pick it up when I did because my boxing day plans did not go as well as they expected. I would have ran the risk of not even getting it at all if I left it to boxing day. Anyways, after about a week of playing with the vita, I can safely say I love it a lot. It’s matte finish and polished screens are soo pretty. Every so often I’ll fan girl over how nice it looks. And the blue looks great. The photos online does not do it justice. I have a screen protector arriving soon, so I’ll be able to protect my precious vita soon. :D


What games are you guys currently playing on the vita? And got any game recommendations for me? It’ll be great to hear what you think. :D





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