Winter Word Fair @ CPL

Hey guys!

So last Friday I went to an event at my local public library, Winter Word Fair. The event had some authors and people on the library board came out to speak to us. I got to see Jay Ingram, and Fiona Staples speak! It was pretty cool. I was standing right behind Jay Ingram too while I was looking for books. I, unfortunately, didn’t take any photos during this event. I was feeling very tired and wasn’t up to my high energy self. I did get to try some cider! Hot apple cider. <3

Apple Cider!
First time having apple cider, and I loved it! hehe, I want more!

There was a lot of indie book sellers and book related artisans scattered around the library floor. I saw some really gorgeous illustrated novels from one booth. Unfortunately, $70+ was too high for me that day, however, it was really nice to see the artwork in the books. There was a booth with Harry Potter prints. I got a personalized bookmark from the Calgary Calligraphy Club, with one of my favourite quotes from Interstellar. Oh! And a cookbook on how to cook beans and lentils. My parents are religious vegetarians, and they’ve been getting bored of the same old stuff. I thought maybe getting a cookbook would bestow them with inspiration. Also I’ll be cooking the meals for them, as a surprise. :D yes. My cooking. Hopefully it all turns out well.


As I left the event, some event staff gave me a book of the history of the libraries in my city. Gah. So lucky. History fascinates me coupled with libraries? Sign me up. Haha. Anyways, those were my experiences with the Winter Word Fair. If it happens again next year, you should check it out. :D Definitely worth visiting. Haha, loved every bit of it.

GAHHH. As I was looking at the authors that was at the event for this post, I realized that the author of the Spilling the Beans was there at the event. I could have asked her to sign my cookbook. GAHH. There’s not enough gahhs in the world to express my missed opportunity. D:

Next time I’ll do more research before going to events like these. -plops-



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