This or That

Another booktag~ This time I found it on The Graceful Reader. I believe the blog is still new. Anyways, let’s get started!


Physical Book or E-book?

Would it be cheating if I said both? Actually, naw. I prefer reading physical novels, but I don’t mind reading E-books.


Audio or Book In Hand?

Book in hand. I love the feel of flipping pages, and being able to just set down the book aside when I have to quickly switch tasks is nice. I never listened to audio books before, but I know I would be too tempted to multitask while listening to audio books. It might be better in the long run if I didn’t listen to audiobooks.


Paperback or Hardcover?

I personally enjoy hardcover novels, but I don’t mind paperback. They both have their pros and cons. Paperbacks are less expensive, but hardcovers look amazing on bookshelves.


Adult or Young Adult?

Currently, young adult. However, I’m not opposed to reading adult novels.


Series or Standalone?

Hmm. I prefer standalone because there are so many series out there. It’s been a while since I’ve read a good series. I’m still in the middle of tackling the Stormlight Archive series from Brandon Sanderson.


Dog-Ears or Bookmarks?

Definitely bookmarks. Dog ears are too painful to do. The poor page!


Borrow or Buy?

Borrow. I’ll buy if I really want my hands on it or if I want the novel on my bookshelf.


Bookstore or online?

Bookstore! I love trips to the bookstore. Standing around and browsing for books is really awesome.


Fiction or Non-fiction?

Fiction. But I’m open to reading non-fiction and have read a few non-fiction titles myself.


Fantasy World or Real Life Issues?

Anything is fine with me.


Monster Read or Short and Sweet?

Doesn’t matter. Ultimately depends on my mood. I tend not to judge my decisions on reading a novel based on the length of it.


Starry-Eyed Romance or Full on Action?

Action. I’m pretty tired of sappy typical YA romances. I tend to judge novels more harshly if they had unnecessary romance in it.


Curl up in a blanket or Bathe in the Sun?

Curl up in a blanket. Blanket worm!! -wiggles-


Read the Review or Decide for yourself?

Little bit of both. Decide to read the novel, read reviews to see what the book has in store for me. Usually, I would still read the novel regardless of the reviews anyways.


What did you guys think? Would you have answered the same way I have. If you’re interested in doing this book tag, go right ahead. And if you want, feel free to post a link down below and I’ll read your responses as well. :D




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