Episode 1: Mashed Potatoes – featuring Harry

Ahh cooking. It’s a pain to cook when you don’t have the ingredients needed for that dish. I really wanted to make mashed potatoes the other day, but I had no milk or sour cream. So being resourceful I asked my friends what I could do with the ingredients I had. Eventually deeming me a lost cause, I was passed off from my friends to Harry, my friend’s brother, who graduated with a culinary degree thingy.

We were on Whatsapp the entire time I was cooking. Haha, using IM to teach someone cooking is very very amusing.

First he told me how to prep the potatoes so that they would cook faster. I was told to quarter them. That’s something new to me. I always just dumped them in the pot and boiled them until they were soft. So cutting them in quarters sped up my cooking time by a lot. We decided that coconut milk was a good enough substitute for milk, I brought out a can of coconut milk to use. I wanted to see how far Harry’s teachings would go, so I asked him how to use a can opener. Oh man, he definitely delivered. I got the entire package. I got photos and text explaining how to use a can opener. The entire time he was sending me over instructions, I had the can opened.

Overall, it was a pretty unique experience. I’ve never been taught how to cook a certain dish over IM. Next time we’ll upgrade to using voice chat or something. It’ll be faster just to hear them talking rather than to wait for people to type up their responses. The mashed potatoes turned out great! The coconut milk added a creamer texture to the potatoes, but it wasn’t anything strange. I know the first thing most people would do is be disgusted when I tell them I added coconut milk. They’re missing out. Kk, all this talking of food is making me hungry. I’m going to get some dinner, possibly some mashed potatoes.

Here’s some photos of the whole teaching experience.



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