Black Friday Haul – 2015

Black Friday - 2015
(left to right) Flash Tattoos, Herb Day Cleansing Tissues, Reindeer Face Mask, Clean Face – Cleansing Foam, Clean Face – Oil Control Cream (On Bottom) Nikon D5200 Camera Bundle.

Gah, so many goodies from Black Friday. This year was the first time I went to a mall and shopped around looking for good deals. I was pretty surprised that the malls weren’t as crazy packed as I understood them to be during Black Friday. The deals were pretty okay. The Face Shop had 20% off of mostly everything and there was other discounts on make up and such. Which meant that I was able to pick up my staple face products. The cleansing foam, and oil control cream from the Clean Face line. Honestly, one of my favourite products that The Face Shop offers.


I picked up some flash tattoos from Joydrop for buy one, get one half off. The sheets were $4, so in total I got two sheets for around $6, however, I’m pretty disappointed in them. I’ll do a review of them later, so check that out when it gets posted. Lastly, I got the Nikon D5200 camera bundle from Best Buy. Woot. My first DSLR camera. I figured since I was taking photography during the spring, I should buy my camera while it was on sale.


How was your Black Friday? Did you guys pick up anything awesome?




2 thoughts on “Black Friday Haul – 2015

    • DrAwkto

      Haha thanks. I’m still learning how to get the best photo on there, so I’m trying to get lots of practice in. :D Having self control is good. I wish I had good self control. Those flash tattoos were not a good idea. haha.


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