Sword Coast Weekend

Wee. It’s time for another DrAwkto ramble! It’s finally a weekend that I’m somewhat free. Ish. Well I got two projects and an assignment that should be worked on this weekend, which in comparison to all of my other weeks, this is pretty free. Anyways, this weekend I’ve decided to play Sword Coast Legends. This game has been out since October 20, 2015, so it’s fairly new still. It’s a PC version of dungeons and dragons and is based on the region of Sword Coast.  It’s pretty neat because a max of five friends can play the game together, one of them can be the dungeon master while the others will explore the world the DM creates. And let me tell you, it’s really fun dropping monsters randomly when your friends are least expecting.


However, the DM’s job isn’t supposed to punish the other players, it’s just supposed to create a more challenging experience while still allowing the players to succeed in the end. I somewhat learnt that the hard way because I made a random ragequit before when I was DMing a dungeon run. Haha ><” Opps. But to be fair, dropping a swarm of spiders down the players right after they defeated a giant monster is the funniest thing you will ever see. They’ll flip out and just be soo done with you. haha. Yeah, this is why I’m not a DM. Also, one favourite part that I enjoy with being a DM is being able to control the boss monster, if you decide to have one in the dungeon, it gives you more of an interaction with the players rather than constantly dropping mobs everywhere.


Since I’m still new in the game as well as just the whole D&D world, I won’t get too much detail into it  but so far, I’m enjoying it. I like doing the dungeon crawls with my friends. The graphics are nice and the controls play similar to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. I started the storyline for a bit, but only finished the prologue, it’s pretty interesting so far. Dungeon runs are fun with friends because the leader can create mini descriptions and reasons why the party needs to enter the dungeon and what quests the party needs to do while they are in there. My last run consisted of killing all these spiders that had infested this lord’s castle. At the end of the castle, there was a boss battle with mama spider. That was frightening. It was on par with Aragog from Harry Potter.

Sword Coast - Spider Boss

Boss quests are pretty fun, but very hard. It took us three tries to finally kill off Demonweb Terror. Man it was so rewarding once that monster died. Sword Coast Legends is a pretty good game to ease your friends into the D&D world because it’s online, can be played whenever, doesn’t have much of a commitment factor, and it’s easier for people to visualize. I know my friends when they started out had difficulty with commitment as well as imagining the world the DM was trying to create. Also, since we had very different schedules, it was hard for us to meet up in real life to play. We created a solution to that issue, however, eventually everything fell apart. Haha. So Sword Coast Legends fulfills my d&d craving, even though it’s not entirely the same thing.

What do you guys think of Sword Coast Legends? And do you guys prefer it over regular D&D?

Welp that’s all for my rambles. Catch you guys on the next one!



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