Goodreads Reading Challenge Update

I don’t believe in talking about something will cause it to jinx, but this morning I finished off another book, which brings my total count to 41. Woot! That means I only have nine more books to go! Nine books won’t be too hard to do, I hope. Especially since I got finals coming up in a month, after that I’ll be able to have 2 free weeks to read before the year is up.


Will I do the Goodreads reading challenge for next year? Probably not. Why? Because the whole number count to reach a goal actually caused more stress than it was supposed to. Now, I do intend on keeping track of the number of books I read next year. I just won’t be setting a certain number goal, instead I’ll be having a counter –hopefully on this blog– to keep track of each book I finished. That way, it’s more of a statistic thing rather than attempting to achieve a goal.


What do you guys think of the Goodreads Reading Challenge? Are you guys doing it as well, if so, how is that going for you?


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