Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Thoughts

Hey guys,

It’s another one of my rambles. I had Dragon Age Inquisition, dai,  in my Origins library for a very long time. I was just too busy to play it. However, one of my friends got a pc, which meant we got the chance to play dai multiplayer for a bit. She got the dai:trial version though because she didn’t want to rebuy the game for the pc. She had the ps4 originally. Anyways, we scheduled an event to play during reading week of this month together, and boy it was great. I loved it so much.


The graphics were amazing and we were able to get 4 different classes to start off with. She was the legionnaire, I was the keeper. Another friend of mine was the archer. We did pretty alright for a bunch of low levels. We weren’t able to fully complete a campaign run, but the end of our runs we were able to get the jist of our characters and what we were supposed to do. I also realized that saving 2k gold for the largest chest is a better bet than to keep buying the other ones. Also, bringing potions to missions is a great idea, shame that I’m a horder, so I don’t particularly enjoy using up my pots.


I find playing dai with a controller to be more natural to me than using the keyboard and mouse. And I definitely had more fun playing with the controller. Gah, I love that thing to death. When I was playing with the keyboard and mouse, it felt really unnatural and very awkward to play with. It was as if the game was just a port from the other consoles. I don’t have any proof of that, I’m just pointing it out, that’s all.


Dai has a pretty good voice chat system. It made playing with my friends more fun since we could vocally talk to one another and entertain each other with silly comments and such. I have played matches with randoms and it’s just not the same. Some of them aren’t using voice chat, and the others scare me too much for me to speak up. Haha. One guy came into the match and said in a deep voice “What the hell?”. Shocked me to the point that I didn’t wanna say hi. I was pretty excited that he was using voice chat as well. Oh well, one day I’ll work up the courage to speak to strangers while playing multiplayer.


Have you guys played the multiplayer version for Dragon Age Inquisition? What do you guys think of it?





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