Mini Metro Woes

Mini Metro released earlier this month, which is pretty exciting because I’ve been playing it for so long while it was in beta. It was great to see and experience all the progress that Mini Metro went through. When I bought the game it had no sounds and music and there was only a few maps. I still loved it nonetheless, having no sound made no difference to me. I play Mini Metro with my own music blasting in the background.


Anyways, I love Mini Metro. <3 Mini Metro is a subway/train line simulator with clean and simple graphics, which is an attractive detail for me. I love simple and clean designs. The premise of the game is pretty simple which makes it very addictive to play. You connect train stations and transport people to the stations they would like. Soon more stations will pop up and you’ll have to find the best way to connect them to your already existing train lines. At the end of each week you get a new train and a choice among upgrades. If there are too many people at a station, the station will overpopulate and the game will end. Each game is a fresh start, and the stations will appear randomly around the screen. So there’s no chance of having the same game twice.

Building a train system looks pretty simple and calming right?
Building a train system looks pretty simple and calming right?

The game has three game modes; standard, endless, and extreme. Standard is usually the game mode I play the most. Occasionally I’ll head over to extreme if I want a challenge or some practice with the daily challenge stage before starting it. In extreme, you can’t modify your lines if you happen to close them off. I learnt this the hard way, during a daily challenge. Closing a line means to form a circle route. In standard having multiple circle routes is very effective strategy, however, in extreme it’s not. In extreme, you need to keep your lines open in order to accommodate new train stations. Endless is a mode that I rarely play, but it’s based on how efficient your trains are. Each week you get a certain efficiency quota and your train system needs to be able to fulfill that quota.


Mini Metro a good game for passing time. I love the daily challenge feature they added in the game, it motivates me to come on each day to try my skills on a new stage. My average playtime for each city ranges from 10-50 mins. I’m fairly competitive in the game, so I’m consistently trying to find a way to reach the leaderboards. Unfortunately, I’m not good enough to be top 10, however, being top 20% on some cities is pretty good for me. I’ll slowly improve and get up there.


Mini Metro is great because the game is super calming and relaxing to play, well until all hell breaks loose and there’s swarms of humans who want to board the trains. At that point, I’m slowly sobbing in my corner asking why has life forsaken me. Once it gets to the point in the game, I die pretty soon after. Haha. And yet, I’ll still come back to play more. With a even stronger determination to beat my own high score.

Rating: 8 /10

Haha, everything is yelling at me. This is the true meaning of hell.
Haha, everything is yelling at me. This is the true meaning of hell.

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