Kindle Slump

Last Christmas I got a Kindle Paperwhite 2, and I was super excited for it. As an avid reader, I knew how amazing the kindle would be for me. After 11 months, I was not wrong. The kindle was a great travel buddy. It never complained and always kept me entertained with stories of other worlds and people. <3 Despite the depressing title for this post, I still love my kindle. I’m just in a slump with my reading habits. I think I read way too many ebooks this past year, and I’m just itching to read more physical books. I think out of all the books I read this year, 85% of them were ebooks.

For a few months now, I’ve been a reading slump. At first I thought it was because I couldn’t find any good books to read, but that wasn’t the case. It became clear to me that it wasn’t the novels that I was reading that made me feel in a slump-like mood, it was the medium of the novels. Since I’ve finally figured out the root issue of my slump, I’m starting to combat it with reading physical novels instead. I know the battle between physical vs ebooks have been long debate in the book community. And to me, I like them both, but yes I do prefer physical copies when I can get my hands on them.

I’ll love to hear what you guys think!

Does this ever happen with you? Do you ever feel the need to just read physical novels instead of an ebook from time to time?




4 thoughts on “Kindle Slump

  1. Aman(@amanhimself)

    Before seeing the title of your post, I did not even know what slump means. So I think, it’s informative than a depressing title. Well I guess, it happens once you are into ebooks, one will end up reading more ebooks. I have been struggling with this ebook slump for a long time and it does get annoying but sometimes to cope up, I switch between a paperback and an ebook for the time being, it soothes out. The annoyance goes away, and I end up enjoying my time.
    A very good topic for discussion though!


    • DrAwkto

      Oh, I’m not even sure if I used the word properly but that’s how it felt like to me. If anyone else knows a better word, please correct me.

      I’m pretty glad someone else feels the same way though. C: We can suffer in the same boat. But yeah, currently to combat it I started reading A Thousand Nights.

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  2. YvoCaro

    This is indeed a debate that’s been going on some time, does one revert to physical books or do you read digital. I’ve read books since I was small, which is many, many years ago, and I went into digital some five years back. I love reading on my Kindle! But I tried going back to my beloved series of books that still adorn my bookcase. Somehow though it didn’t work for me, the print just seemed so small! And I really missed the lighted screen to see everything better. Must be because I need reading glasses nowadays!


    • DrAwkto

      Oh, yes! I have that lighting issue too, I love reading with the kindle because of the backlight. However, I find having a trusty booklight pretty useful in the paperback times. I got a new one recently, but I still haven’t been able to use it much lately. I’ll slowly break it in eventually.

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