Fallout 4 And Reading Week

I love the timing on the release for Fallout 4, it worked out very well for me because it came out the day before reading week started. Great right? That means I should have around 5 days to play the game fully uninterrupted, or so someone would think. I, unfortunately, didn’t plan out the fact that I would actually have access to F04 right away, which means I have a huge homework pile lined up for me to finish this weekend. ><” Yay! Reading week is the week of tears and hell. It’s not a break at all if all the profs decide to pile on the homework for us to do during the weekend.


Anyways despite my large workload, I started up the game the night it came out and got super excited for it. I never played a game in the Fallout series, so the premise was pretty new to me. All I knew was the little things I was able to pull outfrom playing Fallout Shelter. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for Fallout Shelter I was still be confused as to what Stimpaks, and Radaways are.


But seriously, GAH!! I’m just pretty excited I have a new game from Bethasoft to play with. I’m actually more inclined to follow the storyline in Fallout 4 than I was in any of the Elder Scrolls games. The storyline in Fallout 4 actually interests me, unlike being a Dragonborn in Skyrim. I want my baby back. Those bastards are going to pay.  And I get a dog to follow me around in the game. I had to stop and search up to find out whether the dog is capable of dying or not. Thank goodness it can’t. That’s the one thing I can’t handle in a game, having a pet and the fear of it dying on me. That’s why I always left my wolves at home in Minecraft.

My dog's name is not reassuring. I'm pretty sure he was called dog at first. Can I not have a dog named Dogmeat? D: That would be nice.
My dog’s name is not reassuring. I’m pretty sure he was called dog at first. Can I not have a dog named Dogmeat? D: That would be nice. 

The ambiance in the game is soo creepy. I was playing at 2am in the morning and I couldnt’ handle how quiet and eerie the ambiance was. I would jump at every little sound my house made because I couldn’t tell between house versus game. And don’t get me started on those radroaches. UGH. Once I got pipboy, I put on the radio right away. The game was less scary afterwards.  


That’s all for now, I should really stop procrastinating and do my homework. Then I’ll have more time to play C:

If that’s possible.  ; ;


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