Finally Completed Bastion

After four years of owning Bastion, I have finally completed the game. Yes, I live under a rock. I have no idea why it took me soo long to finish this game. I’ve just been slowly going through the game for a few years here and there. Bastion is so good. I would highly recommend it to anyone who haven’t played it yet. And if you guys haven’t played it yet, you guys are living under the same rock I have. Welcome fellow rock dwellers, please play the game. It’s pretty good~ Also the game has been out for a long time and has been highly praised everywhere. And it goes on sale like crazy all the time. -coughs- steam sales. :P


The gameplay for Bastion is extremely smooth, like butter smooth. I like playing it with a keyboard and mouse, however, the gameplay is even better with the controller. Man those controls on the controller. Ugh, I would play the heck out of Bastion with my controller. <3 There are times where I’ll switch from playing on the controller to keyboard and mouse, and this is during the Breaker’s Bow skill stage because I can aim better with the mouse and keyboard than the controller. I’m still getting used to my new controller, that’s why.


Bastion was the first game that I’ve played that had a vocal narration and I fairly enjoyed it. The narrator has a very smooth voice and enjoys telling me how many times I have rolled off the edge of the stage, which for your information is far too many to count for me. Rolling off the stage is literally the death of me sometimes. ><” 


Seriously this game just wowed me. I’m actually struggling to find words to express how amazing this game was. The fighting was also smooth as heck and I loved the timing you had to do with the bullhead shield. The monsters were super adorable. I love the little squirts! They were fun to kill off. The story is beautiful and I grew attached to the characters. I don’t often grow attached to characters in games, unless they’re from otome games. I actually started a new game right after I finished my first playthrough. There are some choices I would like to make that I didn’t make in the last playthrough of mine.


Rating: 9.5/10

It would have been a 10/10, however, there was some days where I wanted to listen to my own music while playing Bastion, but I can’t because of the heavy vocal narration in the game. Either than that, it was overall a pretty awesome game.


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