Gah it’s that time of the term. Midterm season. And like all other students I’m pretty stressed out about it.

I got two assignments, two group projects, and a midterm to study for. Out of all the things listed I’m only excited to do the drama project I have with a friend. We’re creating a choose your own adventure story. We had no idea what we were getting into when we decided on this for our project. The scope of this project is fairly large. Think writing a novel within three weeks give or take. That’s not including compiling the pages together and creating links between the pages to allow the user to jump around pages easier. Despite having so much on my plate, I’ve succumbed to slightly relaxing here and there and trying not to worry too much about the workload. I try to take it one step at a time.


What really helps me is writing down everything I need to get down, then prioritizing them. I’ll do the one that is most important first and continue onwards until the list is finished. And when I get extremely stressed out, I’ll treat myself to a face mask before bed just to relax myself for the upcoming stressful day. It feels amazing just to have that cool, moisturizing face mask resting on the face. Very relaxing.


What are some techniques that you do to help combat the stress?


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