Adventures in Code:Realize – Initial Reactions

Hey guys!

Oh gosh, so it’s been a few days since I’ve gotten Code:Realize and I’m loving it so far! Ahh, the writing blows me away. When I first started  up the game I was extremely pleased on how well done the writing is. They put the novel in visual novel, that’s for sure. The writing is fluid and beautiful. You know what else is beautiful? The art. Wow. There are times where I’ll stop and stare at the art for a while before continue playing.

I’ll be aiming for Van Helsing during my first playthrough, and Victor is going to be next. I love Victor’s voice it’s soo soft and adorable. His character design is adorable and his personality is sweet, thoughtful, smart, and all around nice. Van Helsing’s personality reminds me of Ginoza from Psychopass. Ahh! I love Gino so much. So I’m super excited to dive further into Code:Realize with Van Helsing. I’m on Chapter Four, but I should be able to progress a little bit further in the game after midterms are over.

Look at this cutie! It's not every day you can see a reaction like that on him. Ekk <3
Look at this cutie! It’s not every day you can see a reaction like that on him. Ekk <3

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Code:Realize – Initial Reactions

  1. YvoCaro

    I’ve only just gotten started on my Code: Realize adventure, and it’s my first visual novel too. What an experience! And I totally agree: that artwork. How great would it be if you could make something so beautiful…


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