A Fresh Start

What’s up everyone? It’s DrAwkto here.
If you’re visiting from Dorkiverse, welcome! And if you’re a newcomer, also, welcome! I’ll be going over a little summary about this move and why I felt like it was time for a change. Also, dishing out some backstory on the creation of Dorkiverse.

After months of consideration, I’ve decided I needed a fresh start. I wanted a URL for my blog that reflected my personality and unfortunately, Dorkiverse, just didn’t work for me. Dorkiverse was created with the intention of working with my friends to create something awesome. However, it’s quite clear that the group lost interest and moved on. This made the blog a black cloud of confusion of what to write about. Dorkiverse, first started off as a beauty blog, where we talked about things like fitness, as well as, skin routines and such. It eventually evolved into a book reviewing blog.

Since I enjoyed blogging a lot, I kept going even after my friends all left. But now it’s time to find a blog where I can call home. This is where Inky Awkto comes in. The Inky Awkto is a place where I can do whatever I want and not have to dedicate a theme to the blog. With the old blog, I felt this pressure to keep blogging topics related to how the blog first started out, and I couldn’t keep up with the pressure. Hence, the need for a fresh start.

I’ll be blogging about skin routines, products, books, anything that I find interesting basically. As well as crazy thoughts and ideas I once had. I’m an avid reader, so most of my posts will talk about books, such as book reviews, hauls and monthly reading goals and updates. Hope you enjoy your time here!



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