DYI Subscription Tea Box

Hello Everyone!
Today I’m bringing you guys a little peek into how I create a little tea box for some of my friends. As an avid tea collector, my pantry is filled with an assortment of teas and it’s come to a point where I have too many of them. I can’t drink them all! And I don’t really host guests so I can’t just make a pot of tea for 4 for a tea party or anything, so I’ve decided that I should share my love with teas with some of my friends by forcing teabags onto them. Haha. Best of both worlds right? Kidding.

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Ep 13: Banana Muffins!

This post has been sitting as a draft in my mind and in my blog for around 6 months now. I made these muffins back in October, but hopefully I remember most of the process to blog about it! I used a recipe similar to the one listed on taste of home to create the muffins.

The ingredients I used for my banana muffins.

First, I peeled the very ripe bananas and placed them in a large mixing bowl for mashing. I didn’t want to use a blender and frankly bananas were soft enough for me to mash with a wooden spoon. Once the bananas were mashed well enough, I added a splash of vanilla extract, cane sugar and melted margarine into the mixture, stirring as I did so to make sure it was evenly mixed. Smelt so good already. The cane sugar was running low and I didn’t have enough to fulfill the recipe so I tasted the mixture to make sure it was sweet enough. Sure enough it was sweet enough for me at least. So I added in the raw egg, mixed it up and prepped my dry ingredients.

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Fuyu Moments # 21 – Nest Building

Me and one of my besties were sitting down on the floor. Wanting to be more comfortable I wanted to make a nest, but someone’s body was in my way.

Me: -looks at bestie- I wanna make a blanket nest. Did you wanna share?

Bestie: Um. Sure. -leans back- What do we do?

Me: Well for starters I need you to move, so we can prep the nest.

Bestie: I… I don’t what we’re doing.

Another bestie throws pillows in my direction and I start setting up.

Me: -while arranging pillows- Have you not been a bird before?

Bestie: … Um, what?

Me: A bird. Birds make nests.

Mind you this conversation took place while I had the utmost serious face on. Nest building, serious stuff man. I really don’t know what to say about that conversation myself. I got a nice little formula on how to build a great nest for movie watching on the floor.

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Fuyu Moments #20 – Playful Bickering

While studying with one of my bffs for a midterm, we got into this playful bickering about whose pens were better. I have no idea how we even got to that point, but it was amusing. During the middle of the argument, I noticed that a guy next to us was eyeing us. Let me tell you, the guilt for being obnoxious settled down very well, so I made eye contacte with him and offered a sheepish apology. Apparently, he was eyeing us because he wanted to see which pens we were using. We ended up having a pretty nice, but short conversation about pens. It was a great experience to know that not everything is as it seems. :D


D&D Adventures 0

I believe it’s no surprise that I play dnd with my buddies ever so often. I realized there are some crazy stuff that happens in our session and it would be great to share them with you guys. That and I can use this as a good record for the silliness.

At the beginning the party consisted only of me, and then it evolved into another friend, and another and then our last one joined a few weeks ago. We got a teifling rogue(Ee’a), half-ling barbarian(Ragnar), human warlock and warrior(The Black Swordsman. Seriously, that’s his name.), and a 1015 year old dwarf cleric(Kip). It’s been a non-stop crazy ride ever since. Here’s some stuff that has been said during our sessions. Fun fact, for the longest time, I felt like a momma cat trying to wrangle her kittens. ; ; Now with our cleric in the party, I have back up against these fools!

Session ??:

Ee’a: I pull out an animal from the animal bag.

DM: Alright roll for your animal.

Ee’a: I reach into the animal bag and pull out a pig!

The Black Swordsman: Sweet! Can I name your pig?

Ee’a: No.

The Black Swordsman (ooc): Hey dm, can I name the pig bacon?

Ee’a(ooc): NO! You can’t just name my pig bacon. It’s my PIG. Get your own animal.

DM: -laughs- Roll for animal taming both of you guys.

We both roll and Ee’a fails her roll. ALL THE GROANS.

The Black Swordsman: Sweet. Come here bacon! There’s a good piggy!

The pig apparently goes to the human and sniffs his hand. Ee’a is secretly dying inside from frustration.

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Wisdom Teeth 3

It’s been over three weeks since I gotten mine out, and here’s some results gathered from my experiences. I broke them down by weeks. Since I already started with week 1, I’ll just finish it off. By day 5 I was able to have Vietnamese noodle soup (really soft vermicelli noodles + soft broken up eggs). I almost cried from tears of happiness. It was a pleasure to finally have food again. It still wasn’t the beginning of food though. I still had to take in meal replacements because I didn’t have the resources to properly clean my teeth during school.


Week 2: The puffiness went away and I basically could eat more solid food. Stitches were beginning to fall out in chunks. Haha I remember this one time I was softly talking to a cashier and while I was thanking them, I felt something fall down my cheek, it was weird. I couldn’t keep my expression neutral and I think the person noticed. Once I finished my interaction, I walked away and discretely spat out the object in question. It was medium hard. I figured it was my stitches. Or a part of it at least. I was very intrigued by them. One time I even kept it around because I was too busy to poke at it and investigate. After I was free, the chunk harden and it was SUPER COOL!

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Wisdom Teeth 2

It’s day 3 you guys, and after drinking my meal replacement for my breakfast I started to feel really nauseated. Based on this I was told I’m not eating enough, which I knew already, but I’m also probably not having enough crucial nutrients in me. Therefore, I started to incorporate more actual food inside me.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Ensure

Lunch:   Strawberry Kiwi Juice

Greek Strawberry Yogurt

Pasta Salad – Ehh. I wasn’t a fan of this. I had to break down the pasta pieces to chunks and swallowing them wasn’t pleasant for me.

Snack: Ensure

Dinner: Overcooked Instant Ho Fan Noodles – The broth was very soothing for me and made my day all the more better, but again I had the same issues with the noodles being in larger pieces than I am used to. That and I was having pain issues during the eating process. :C

Dessert: (Yeah cause after a sad day of pain, it’s good to treat yourself)

Whipped Cream on a spoon – I enjoyed this treat cause it was soft and easy to eat, but opening my mouth wide enough to lick the spoon or just to stick the spoon in my mouth hurt, so I didn’t eat it for very long.

 Overall Thoughts:

As you can see I decided to stray away from the overall calorie counting schema and went with a more commentary approach. This is because I know for a fact, I’m not going to eat enough during this healing progress to fully get my daily count so I’m going to focus more on foods I tried to eat and attempt to get a well-balanced diet.

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